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    How to make a "Motionloop" (Dreamscene)

    First of all you will need some software and an idea of what you would like to create! You will find all the links you need in this article. Also it would be good if your Hardware is well aware of handeling huge rendering processes, means lot´s of ram and a quadcore cpu. A good graphic card would not be a mistake, too. Some software allow you to render through your card. However a good sytem will dramatically decrease your render time.

    I prefer to use Adobe After Effects, Blender 3D and Gimp.

    • After Effects is very powerful and you can do everything with it, but it´s not free, here you can download the trailversion of AE-CS5.5, lasting 60 days.

    To getting started, we recommend some sites with a huge amount of tutorials, cause like everything, you need a whole lot of practice to get some cool results and a good workflow.

    Here you find everything from beginner to complex tutorials Videocopilot

    • Blender 3D is an open source software, extremely powerful for creating 3D Stuff, and it´s completely free. Get it here.

    Introduction and basic tutorials can be found here BLENDER

    • GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.

    You can download it right here for free Gimp.

    Some tutorials for Gimp can be found here.

    So i hope you get an Idea of what´s needed to create your own cool Video Backgrounds. If you need some motivation you can find ton´s of free loops here.
    All “dreams” on this site are created with the software i showed you here.

    So you get the basics, here are some hints for you:
    As a loop should be seamless, first and last frame should never be the same!
    Yes you can see it, even if it´s just two frames! There are many ways to achieve this, and some are covered on the site´s i posted.
    Keep your animation short, a good deal is between 30 sec. up to one minute.
    Don´t make it to fast, cause hey, it´s just a background, and if you have a smooth running dream, your eye´s will say thx. You won´t hypnotize you self, right ?
    Rendering with AE keep the framerate at 25 and the bitrate with the wmv renderer to a max of 6000 kbs. A proper dreamscene loop, should not be bigger than 40 MB.

    If your now into it, or well aware of it and allready creating some stunning stuff, maybe you would like to share it. You can upload your dreamscene to, and maybe you see yourself puplished on there site.
    However there are some things you should cover up, before uploading in order to see your video online:

    Use your own material! Don´t take pictures, movies, trailers neither music for your dreamscene loop without the permission to use it. Nothing brutal, ilegal, religious, or sexual.

    Now have fun creating your own movie.

    Posted by Blobber - Sep 12, 08:06 PM
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